Since our last blog, many many lectures and teaching events have gone by, and now Dr Rahimi is getting ready to embark on his journey to the “International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health (ICD 2017)” September 14-16, 2017 at Valencia, Spain. As part of the organising committee and the keynote speaker, Dr Rahimi has a lot to get prepared for.

But whilst preparation for this conference was (and is) going on, and in between many many root cancels and IV apisectomy’s, Dr Rahimi has also found time to squeeze in his unceasing support and love for rugby, in particular our very own Sydney Uni Dental Rugby team, which just won their first win in over 4-years against the medical students. Woot Woot. Go team Gentle Endodontics.


Here are some pictures and videos of that mega win for that golden trophy.